Vision Illumination

Vision Illumination

Saturn - Ring Light

Saturn Series are a set of compact ring lights provide direct lighting to the center of the inspection piece to emphasize the characteristics of the workpiece.

The Saturn Series is supported with numerous diffusers and polarisers to inspect metal parts, glass , electronics , glossy paper, etc...

The Saturn Compact Ring lights allow close inspection of 2D Codes, OCR , damage or stains.

Available in Bright Field, Darf Field, Low Angle and Fully Diffused.

Helios 150110 LA30 v2.png
Helios- Diffused Low Angle Ring

Helios  Series Low Angle Diffused Ring  Lights are used to provide diffused lighting to evenly light up the object at a Low Angle to reduce reflections.

Helios  lights are used for inspections of Spherical surfaces, Dials, PCB inspection, Damage & dents on reflective objects, etc.

Comet - Bar Lights

Comet Bar Lights may be used for homogeneous illumination. Comet series is designed to provide direct lighting to the inspection piece. Various colors, intensities, coverage and spread make the Comet Series versatile and able to cater to numerous applications.

The Comet Series is supported with numerous Diffusers and polarisers to inspect metal parts, glass , electronics , glossy paper, etc.

Applications inclulde inspection of 2D Codes, OCR , damage or stains on long objects, damage inspection, source for Line Scan Cameras, Dark Field lighting, etc.

Quasar - Coaxial

Quasar Series Co-Axial Lights are used to provide diffused lighting to evenly light up the object from the same axis as the camera. High quality mirrors and window glasses allow for stable imaging even with high resolution cameras.

The Quasar Co-Axial lights are used for inspections of surface scratches, PCB inspection, Dimensioning, Damage & dents on reflective objects, etc.

Stellar - Spot Lights

Spot lights with various angles

Photon -Micro Bar Lights

Miniature Bar Lights to illuminate at a short distance and small objects. Especially designed for macro applications and microscopic applications.

Nebula - Backlights

Nebula Series Diffuse Backlights Lights are used to silhouette parts for edge detection, distance  measurements, etc. such as in systems that must measure specific parameters of parts such as automotive gaskets, fasteners, washers  because the part itself will be silhouetted behind a bright background.  This silhouette inspection allows easy inspection of size, shape, deformities, voids.

The Nebula Series are bright enough to be used as Area Lighting for compact installations.

Applications include Inspection of  transparent objects, fluids, Foods, Beverages, fasteners, automotive parts inspection,...

Aurora - Dome Lights

Aurora Series Dome Lights are used to provide Even Diffused Lighting at a high lumen output. Dome lights are preffered in the Semiconductor and electronics industry and to inspect Text, Color, finish on glossy, curved or uneven surfaces, hairline finishing, engraved and raised components. Proteus Electronics can customised your Dome Lights.

Ceres - Area Lights

Area Lighting for medium to large FOV applications. Unique designs enabling inspection of Highly reflective objects such as aluminum foils, holograms, Blister packs, etc

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Located in Mumbai, India , Proteus Electronics is a Design House specializing in the design and development of high end LED lighting systems. It is the design house of Sensing Technologies Pvt. Ltd and has done numerous turn-key product developments.


Proteus Electronics started of as a design house for Automotive Illumination. Over the years it have taken its knowledge across various industries. Constantly conducting Research and Development to make sure they are able to deliver the latest technologies to our customers.


Proteus electronics has been  constantly  making  meaningful  additions  to   ts extensive range of Vision Lights. This category now features new products in the lines of Saturn Ring Lights, Comet Bar Lights, Galaxy  as well as a 

completely new line of Stellar - Spot Lights .


Seamless quality control in manufacturing reduces costs and ensuring a high 

level of customer satisfaction. Proteus Electronics Illumination are offering 

improved automated identification, inspection, measurement, and guidance 

capabilities to the benefi of manufacturers worldwide. Our Customised 

Solutions allow a number of OEMs to reduce cost, time to market with 

products which are First Time Right.


Our Custom Solutions include Designer Stop Lights, High End Inspection 

Systems Lighting, Custom Motorcycle Indicators and Tail Lights , etc..


Custom Lighting

Customers in todays markets are looking for inspection systems that have maximized throughputs and minimum false rejections. For consistent performance, Lighting is Critical. The optimum illumination will deliver consistent performance over time, increased throughputs and decreasing false rejection. 


Today's demanding applications often require specialized lighting for optimum Image quality. To help meet these requirements, one must design the illumination as per these application. Proteus Electronics is a design house that creates Tailor Made illumination systems, for customers all around the world



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